Buuvee’s 100% pure Mongolian cashmere knitwear is twice as thin as conventional cashmere. Following more than twenty years of research by Mongolian scientists and engineers, this non-bulky, semi-worsted yarn was invented and patented. Buuvee is proud to present a range of organic, natural-coloured, fine cashmere products which can be worn next to the skin. Our cashmere is a unique, innovative and skin immune supportive product for all ages, from infants to the elderly. The word “Buuvee” is derived from a lullaby. Like our cashmere, our name embodies the traditional philosophy of loving, living, and caring of the nomadic Mongolians.


Buuvee is made from luxurious natural-colored fibers that are imbued with the energy of happy, stressless animals that graze freely and are worshiped by herders who love nature and their animals, inherited by nomadic Mongolians for centuries. We do not use dyestuff or chemicals in all stages of processing technology, and we value sustainability without changing the nature.  

We use cashmere that is certified by the international SFA mark, produced by hereditary herders who practice sustainable wool cashmere standards. Every team member strives to create a happy workplace. Conscious of social responsibility, the team was formed by all representatives of society.


100% Pure Mongolian Cashmere created with love for those who care...




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